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Mighty No. 9 or the greatest failure in Kickstarter history? Kasanova Speaks

I feel like writing about some stuff so I fell why not here? So I've been hearing TREMENDOUS hate for Mighty No. 9 about it being the greatest let down and what not and how awful it is or how hard it is and honestly being an 80's baby and a gamer growing up during the REAL console wars of the late 80's to 90's I have to say that I'm pretty tired of how bitchy gamers are now days. Yes it sucks thatKeiji Inafune made the comment about at least you got something but I can understand why he did say that. Capcom hasn't given us MegaMan fans anything new for well over a DECADE as the last new mainline MegaMan game was MegaMan Zero 4 so yes I am greatful that he decided to try and reinvent the wheel with the bluebomber. Now my gripes with the game come from what's fairly a common opinion and that's the presentation which is very barebones in some aspects but if you look at it coming from the hey day of MegaMan in the 80'/90's then it's perfectly ok. The controls are in my opinion very tight and responsive and very "classic" MegaMan which is why I bought the game: it fits in perfectly as a revival of the classic franchise and while many of you haven't really played those I would then tell you to go play MegaMan Legacy Collection and then play Mighty No. 9 and tell me which plays better and which is harder and you'll realize how Mighty No. 9 is a pure evolution of the classic MegaMan. Now if you're coming at this from playing the X series or even the Legends or Zero or ZX series then I can understand the let down or frustration as that's where it does fall short because it cannot compare to those games in anyway shape or form. Now on to the political matter of Keiji Inafune using the Kickstarter money to develop this and Red Ashe (MegaMan Legends reimagined) and with where the money went.....I'll say this; we probably will never get those answers and you're gonna have to accept that as a fact because as with any company you're never told where all the money goes and that's the reality. What we got from this game was a very well polished "classic" MegaMan game (Wii U owners I feel your pain on what it's doing on that platform) that more than lives up to the legacy of games from the late 80's early 90's that were punishingly hard and required you to learn patterns and had cheap deaths vs all the handholding of today's games. All in all this is my opinion on Mighty No. 9 and thusly I am satisfied with it, I'll be doing a video review of the game and a couple others and give my opinion on them. Game rating? I don't do the whole number ranking system so I'll go off of either Rent it, Buy it, and Don't Bother with it. This game gets a Buy it from me as its only 20$ for a downloaded copy and 30$ for retail and if you're looking for a classic MegaMan fix then you can't go wrong with this, if you're a modern day gamer not used to the challenge of games from the bygone era of the 80's/90's then yea don't bother with this game or rent it first. Mighty No. 9

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