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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Qi Wireless Charging Back Cover Case with NFC - Cognac/Silver Hands on R

This replacement cover gives the fit and finish the Windows Lumia 950XL should have had. While I did not mind the plastic back cover MS gave the 950XL, Ultimately I wanted to give the phone a higher finish. That is one of the things I love about most Lumias. Unlike a iPhone or Galaxy you can change the battery or alter the case itself. This new back has a wonderful leather back and gives the 950xl a fine aluminum side which real gives the phone a much higher build quality. Well done Mozo.

=====BUILD QUALITY===== The build quality of this phone case is incredibly premium. The back cover is made of geniue leather which truly gives this a luxury feel however you are gaining 4 grams in weight The leather finish with brushed aluminum edges just looks stunning all around and it definitely will have people looking trying to figure out what kind of phone you have and also where you got such a high quality case. The durability of this case is primo, not once have I had to worry about anything on the back or parts of the side however there's a section of the side by the front glass screen that is exposed but in that regard you should have a glass or film screen protector and you'll be fine. =====CONCLUSION===== I come to conclude that this is a great phone case for the Lumia 950XL and in general it's the best case made for the Lumia 950XL and is also available for the Lumia 950. Although you do have to work around the fact that there is a slight part of the side edges and screen being exposed, all in all its premium case that turns heads and feel luxury. I highly highly recommend this to anyone looking for a luxury case for the Lumia 950XL or even the Lumia 950.

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