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OMOTON's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Tempered Glass Screen

When it comes to buying essential items for our everyday life, we tend to want the best quality for our money and also good reliability. When it comes to buying a new phone we want it to look as good as the day we purchased it and given how expensive phones have gotten over the years, its not an easy pill to swallow when that $800+ phone gets dropped and the screen or body or the phone get broken. Not all screen protectors are made equal and you have to know what are the pros and cons of going with either a film screen protector and its many variants or with going with a tempered glass screen protector. DISCLAIMER: I'm going to go ahead and put it out there by saying that I received this Tempered Glass Screen protector from OMOTON so that i may give an honest review of their product: I was in no way paid to write this review. I've used a lot of Tempered Screens in the past from various companies for my previous Galaxy phones, my iPhones, and my Windows Phone yet not many ever really work as well as they should nor are many as easy to install as they should be. Many screens leave a weird ghosting like image that they leave on your screen or affect the brightness or screen clarity. This Tempered screen does not have those issues whatsoever. It goes on incredibly easy and the finish is so smooth that at times I forget that I have a protector on my Note 7. Most screen protectors have incredibly complicated means of which to install a glass screen and often times you'll want to get a "professional" to install it for you however with this screen its incredibly easy and straight forward for the application process. It fits perfectly on the screen and matches up with the edges and does not affect the usability of the phone. It does add some weight but not anything majorly noticeable at all. Slap on a stylish case and your all set and ready to go. All in all I have to say that This is hands down the best Tempered Glass Screen that I have put on my Note 7 and this is a company that i stand behind for the best quality for your mobile devices.The Kasanova Approves this Review!!

OMOTON Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector- 3D Full coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with [9H Hardness] [Crystal Clear] [Scratch Resist] [No-Bubble], Black:

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