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When Chic meets Sleek: Spektrum Glasses Elite and Pro Models are the definition of quality eye-wear

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to review professional and consumer-level headphones, speakers, software, controllers, and home theater gear, as well as high-end audio gear, for more than a year now. I currently write about all manner of technology here on Amazon and I do product unboxings and reviews on my YouTube Channel and also on my website. Below is my review of the Spektrum Pro Glasses.

More importantly for the purposes of this review and to give you a point of reference, I’ve been a hardcore gamer since 1993. I’m primarily a console gamer these days, although I do dabble in PC gaming from time to time. And whether I’m playing massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), strategy games like Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn, shooters like Overwatch and TF2 (Team Fortress 2), or the latest version of Call of Duty or even with my professional career in IT as a Technician for the state of Hawai‘i hospitals, more often than not that I’m spending at a minimum of 55 to 80+ hours per week sitting in front of a monitor or TV. Given that this is what I do professionally and leisurely, the amount of eyestrain that I endure along with headaches and insomnia being quite common and also to the point of where I needed to seek a solution to this issue immediately.

So what exactly is the reason to obtain Computer/Gaming glasses and what do they do? The most common feature is having typically an amber tinted lens, slight magnification (often times most don’t have this feature), and the most important feature of these forms of glasses is the blue light anti reflective coating to reduce or prevent the amount of blue light that enters the eye which after some time can cause eye strain, headaches and in many cases insomnia. A additional effect of blue light exposure is how it affects the amount of Melatonin secretion the human body produces which makes it more and more difficult for one to fall asleep.

When I put these glasses on, my eyes where immediately relaxed. It doesn’t take much to realize how much your eyes are affected by unfiltered light from electronic devices and how these glasses drastically improve your comfort levels as well as protect your eyes. The glasses are incredibly comfortable, and do exactly as advertised: Stupendous high quality glasses that provide all the essential features needed to reduce eye fatigue from prolonged exposure to computer monitors and all electronic devices. They come with all of the accessories, including both a hard case and a microfiber pouch, the former of which is usually an additional purchase from other brands. I work at a desktop from early morning until late afternoon and then have a laptop within a couple of feet from me during the course of the evening. So by the end of the day my eyes are really shot. These have made a major difference in lessening the amount of eyestrain that I experience.

Superb glasses that work very well. Their design is simply impeccable and, while being unique, really creates a class of its own. They truly reduce eye fatigue and keep your eyes moist for those long gaming sessions or long days at the office. For me one of the biggest benefits of these glasses are the blue tints that reduce the harshness of the whites coming from the monitor, it is really night and day how much of a difference that tint makes. Honestly, if it weren't for these glasses, I wouldn’t be able to continue effectively doing my job or any other job or hobby involving computers or electronic devices in general. Several years ago I had an internship doing marketing and digital imaging work for the summer, and my eyes were hurting for the entire summer! Now that I have the Spektrum Elite & Pro Glasses, I can look at computers all day and my eyes never once feel fatigued; Start using them though, and you’ll be hooked while going without them will be difficult.

Spectrum Glasses Elite:

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