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BLEED for Nintendo Switch The Definitive Review

Ok so if you take a bullet-hell, shmup (Shoot Em Up), bullet time skin saving, action-platformer AND focusing on stylish acrobatics with no chaser or filler....then you’d have BLEED. This is a game you need to have in your collection......look stop reading, listening, or watching this review........RIGHT NOW!!! And go add this to your collection......Your Welcome.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you to go buy a game i havent even clearly made you understand what it is aren’t you? Well lets start off by covering the main character and some of the plot. You are Wryn, a girl who has huge aspirations and an even larger arsenal of weapons to become the “Greatest Hero of All Time” and have that title for herself, basically she wants to become the ultimate video game hero and in order for her to do that she needs to take out a few bosses to achieve that.....annnnnd that’s all the plot I’m going to give you...well that’s all that there really is to the plot as its mainly about you using every skill and weapon in your inventory to clear seven levels of enemies and obstacles in a no holds barred seat of your pants breakneck pace adventure.

Sound fun yet? Well it is but let me tell you will die and you will die a lot so as a heads up don’t use the dpad of the Switch and instead use the Left Stick for all your maneuvers as you will need the pinpoint accuracy of the Left Stick in order to be successful in this game.

One thing I felt for the entire time that I played this game was NEVER a sense of calm as this game throws everything it’s got at you and at times it got so chaotic that I forgot that I had the ability to use bullet time (Slowdown time in case some of you don’t know) just to survive an onslaught of projectiles being thrown at me. Bullet time is activated by pressing ZL, Jumping and rocket jumping/dashing is done with ZR, weapon switching with L & R, and 8-way shooting is done with the Right Stick with special attack used when pressing down on the Right Stick. Pretty simple controls overall yet in the heat of battle you’’ more than likely forget what does what as you’ll just be trying to survive everything thrown at you.

The length of the game is fairly short as its only about an hour or 2 long and that’s on your first play through, you can unlock 3 additional characters that each have their own play style and handicaps which when added up can then get you another 4-6 hours. There’s Arcade Mode which cuts out all the story cut scenes and focuses on level to level progression and then there’s Challenge Mode which allows you to fight up to 3 bosses at once if you’re feeling a bit sadistic towards yourself. I do love the difficulty of this game on Normal as it was very very challenging but never felt as though it was unfairly challenging or cheap. You can choose between Normal and 3 other difficulties of which will change the enemy placement and what not giving you a different overall experience. Oh and did I mention this game is also Co-Op? Yes you can play this entire game Co-Op and that in itself will add DOZENS of hours of gameplay to this fantastic title.

Did i Mention the Audio? MY GOD IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF THIS GAME AMAZING!!! NUFF SAID!!! The chip tune audio tracks are fantastic with my favorite track being RoofTop Assault. Seriously this game needs to win an award or something!

Digerati did a phenomenal job with this game, you wouldn’t know how fun this game is until you actually play it and I want to thank them for providing me a review code for this game as this has been one of the best #nindies that I’ve played all year and for only 14.00$ you cannot go wrong. I STRONGLY employ you to go and buy this title as its that good, seriously it is. This game gets the highest KASANOVA SEAL OF APPROVAL So BUY this RIGHT NOW and become the GREATEST HERO OF ALL TIME with Wryn!!

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