Blossom Tales Review Nintendo Switch

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is reminiscent to the old style Zelda games of the SNES and NES eras, and the story seems to borrow/pay homage to some of the great fantasy classics, too.

I’m a huge fan of the classic 2D Zelda formula, and Blossom Tales undoubtedly takes that formula and runs with it. It’s one thing to use a template from a classic game that everyone loves, but it’s another thing to successfully capture what made it so beloved in the first place.

The story of Blossom Tales opens with two young children asking their grandfather to tell them a story. At first, he starts to tell us a story that sounds a lot like Zelda, until the kids complain that they’ve already heard that story and that they would like to hear a new one. Their grandfather then begins telling them a story of a young girl named Lily, our young hero, is sent out into the world to gather the ingredients for a potion to awaken/heal her ailing king and save the kingdom from the king’s evil brother. There are also moments where the two children will argue over what they think should happen next, so their grandfather gives the player the opportunity to choose. One such example is early on in the game, where the two children argue over whether Lily should be fighting against pirates or ninjas. I really liked these moments even if none of the choices have an actual impact on the overall story.

Possibly the best part of Blossom Tales to me was its music. So much of it was stuck in my head throughout the past few days, most notably the track from the town you start off in, as well as the cave theme and first dungeon theme and the town of druids theme which has a play on Zelda’s Lullaby to it . All of it sounds like classic 8/16 bit music, which manages to capture what made those classic tunes so memorable in the first place. These are definitely some tunes I will be coming back to repeatedly in the future.