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SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition Review

SteamWorld Heist is full of crazy robots with witty robots who’s jokes you don’t expect to laugh at, but you definitely will. The dialogue is both creative and charming, leaving us never hoping it will be over. Coupled with the “adults in Charlie Brown” mumble voice and a stunning soundtrack worthy of more praise than it has ever received, the soundscape in Steamworld Heist is sure to impress.

This update is tailored to the new Nintendo Switch console, which adds additional features to the game. What makes the game “Ultimate?” Apparently, the addition of extra content along with the previously released material. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch system, there are touchscreen controls that are considered as efficient as the ordinary buttons and for enabling gamers to play the game both on the go and at home. The Ultimate Edition of the game is entirely different from its preceding versions. Primarily, the Earth has been destructed, and you are a “Cowboy” Captain with a team who travel the stars to find a shelter—to survive.

Unlike other games in the SteamWorld universe, this entry is turn-based combat and movement, causing some skill and foresight when it comes to maneuvering and planning. Move too far and you won’t be able to shoot. Don’t move enough and leave yourself exposed to the enemy, allowing them to blow you to smithereens in an instant. The fluid character movement of other SteamWorldgames is gone, but that doesn’t mean it is any less enjoyable. Assemble and recruit your team, then strategize your way to the end goal. SteamWorld Heist suits a variety of playstyles. The team you play with is diverse and sizable, you can choose between a multitude of unusual characters, guns are classified into classes that fit every style, and there’s a variety of missions, which will require you to choose your characters and weapons wisely. There are skills that various crew members possess that will have you wanting to put them in certain positions near others to accomplish certain goals. You can also choose to take more or less crew members on missions with you but the consequence will affect how much or how little experience (amongst other things) your crew members pick up. An absolute delight is that the characters are designed in a way that every one of them feels unique; each character has its personality and characteristics, which makes you eager to discover more aspects.

Time wise, from start to finish, Heist can take anywhere between 9and 15 hours to beat/100% complete and that’s not including the New Game+, which is more of the same, but allows things like your collectable and DLC hats, carry over into your next playthrough. (Collectable hats can be collected by shooting the hats off those you come up against in battle and collecting them.) As for what you can expect from the decently long play time, there is a fantastic soundtrack composed and performed by Steam Powered Giraffe, who just so happen to be a steampunk band that actually makes an appearance in the game, as Steambots you can encounter at Space Bars throughout the game, where they will actually play songs from the soundtrack.sw

SteamWorld Heist has very few flaws, especially if a turn based robot strategy game is what you’re looking for. If we must pick on something, it’s the inventory system and the fact that you never have enough space for new equipment. SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition on the Nintendo Switch is only $19.99 and includes content previously only available as DLC. It includes a new friends, missions, and tons of inventory bonuses. I think that SteamWorld Heist is the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch, and everyone who owns one should buy a copy. It performs magnificently and continues to impress, even with previous experience on other consoles. This game is KASANOVA APPROVED

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