Spektrum Glasses ProSPEK Review

As a Senior Systems Analyst I work in front of a computer screen for the majority of days during the week. From this my eyes got strained and started to hurt, it gradually got so bad, I didn’t even want to look at my screen and do my work anymore…At night, I also noticed it taking longer and longer for me to fall asleep, I read that this could be due to artificial light exposure at night time…

So, I quickly started doing some searching around online and here’s what I found…

There is a specific light that is released by electronic devices called blue light. This artificial light has been proven to cause disruptions in the sleep patterns of those who spend extended periods of times in front of their computers, TVs, or phones. The light confuses the body, changing the circadian rhythm of people so their bodies don’t know when to sleep. The result of this confusion is very detrimental to health. Because blue light is inevitable due to the reliance society has on its electronics, creative solutions to this problem are needed. One of the most effective solutions designed so far are Spektrum's ProSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses. In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look into these glasses and determine whether it is a right choice or not. We will also talk about its major specifications and features, so I hope that this can help you.

ProSPEK Glasses Features Overview

1.Blue Light Blocking Technology – They block out the blue light that tricks your body into thinking it’s not time for you to sleep yet. This increases fatigue, stress and muscle strain that can spiral into severe health conditions in the long term. Fortunately, the blue light blocking technology of ProSPEK shields your eyes from blue light at night, helping you sleep faster and wake up in the morning fresh and rested.

2.CR39 Lenses – These lenses are lightweight, and more impact and shatter resistant compared to glass lenses. They also last for a really long time with consistent optical quality.

3.Premium Acetate Frames – These are sturdy but flexible making it very moldable to ergonomic design. Results- sleek, wearable and fashionable eyewear. ProSPEK glasses have a beautiful design that is not just comfortable but also looks great regardless of your face shape.

4.Anti UV – 100% Block – The lenses in ProSPEK glasses are UV treated to protect your retina from direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A special dye is used to treat the lenses for guard your eyes from the long-term effects of UV rays exposure.

5.Anti Reflection – by cutting out reflection it makes your vision crystal clear.