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Assault Gunners HD (Updated)

Six years ago, mech shooter Assault Gunners launched on the PlayStation Vita. In 2012, it was a Armored Core type game that worked well with the Vita control schema, and it featured plenty of content and customization to boot. However, the game suffered from repetition and a lack of mission variation. The HD remaster of the game launches into 2018 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 , and PC.

Mars has thrived for over 4.6 billion years. Unfortunately, that era of peace and tranquillity has come to an end. Humanity, fearing the imminent destruction of Earth, has started colonizing the Red Planet. In order to assist with the unprecedented level of terraforming, ANTs were developed. These automated mechs are controlled via the mother computer on Deimos. However, something seems to have gone wrong, because the ANTs are no longer following orders. Worse, they've started attacking the colonies. In order to squash this uprising, the mobile assault squad DAT has been deployed

Assault Gunners is a straightforward third-person action game. You create a team of four mechs (yourself and three AI). An Aspect of Assault Gunners HD that appealed to me was its stylized mech combat. Assault Gunners HD puts you in the seat of your very own customizable mech at the command of a fully customizable squadron of four. Once you complete your training missions, you’ll set off on a pretty lengthy story arch that spans over 30 levels. As a member of the Peace Keeping Force DAT, you’re tasked with protecting immigrants from Earth as they attempt to colonize Mars and are being assaulted by a mysterious force.

Everything in Assault Gunners tends to blend together. Increasing opponent offenses and defenses is a cheap tactic when their bullets and attacks are camouflaged in the environments around you. Quite a few missions reuse maps and assets, meaning you’ll hardly ever see or dodge incoming fire.

In-between missions, pilots can visit the hangar to outfit their squad. While on the field, it's possible to acquire new equipment. Since up to four DAT Units can participate in battle, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that they all have the best possible armaments. Shotguns are always a safe bet, thanks to their spread and inexplicably long range. A shoulder-mounted cannon is exceptional for crowd control. Melee weapons are unlikely to get any use unless the pilot has a death wish. Mechs can also be equipped with a variety of ability-enhancing parts, such as improved shields or radar.

Again, there aren't any penalties for equipping several top-tier parts, so load up. Development points, also earned during combat, can be invested into more advanced bodies. Combat, while enjoyable in spurts (which is its one saving grace, considering most missions are clearable in a matter of minutes), grows stale through the course of 35 missions that feature almost identical objectives. Visuals are shiny thanks to the HD remastering, and the settings at least vary as you progress through the story.

Assault Gunners HD is a fun game that looks good and plays good, Still, the game looks like its six years old, which is a tough obstacle to overcome on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4. It’s enjoyable however just keep in mind that it’s a by the books game and not much more.

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