Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Created by YummyYummyTummy and released last year as initially two separate games in the form of Fallen Legion Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion and then combined on Steam as Fallen Legion+, Fallen Legion has now made its way onto the Nintendo Switch as Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory with a couple key new features separating it from its former incarnations to now give you the definitive experience when it comes to playing this amazing game now giving you the opportunity to play both Legatus Leandur and Octavia Cecille’s stories as both fight for their rights to lead their countries.

The visual flair of the game is similar to that of Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere with a gameplay execution in the leagues of Valkyrie Profile (or if you want a similar switch title to compare this to you could say Has Been Heroes although I personally detested that game) which means that it’s a perfect blend of both hack and slash and RPG that’ll give fans of both a blast with the Fallen Legion series, whether it be for extended gameplay or in short bursts. The added benefit of having of both games, getting the full story, will be an extra bonus when it comes to fully understanding the world of Fenumia, and determining who the real enemies are. Animations are sharp and crisp and incredibly fluid.

The story’s campaign offering gives you an opposing perspective on the political upheaval that is taking place in the fantasy world of Fenumia based on which character you play as. On one side of the conflict, you can play as Princess Cecille, the young princess on a journey of ascending to the throne. This story follows her journey to power in an attempt to bring peace to her empire (Sins of an Empire). The other campaign of the story gives you control of Legatus Laendur, a military commander on a quest to overthrow the royal family. His motivation and purpose unfold as the story progresses offering a deep and rewarding experience for the player. The two stories are designed to compliment each other and offer a rich, fulfilling world for players to explore. The story is truly the star of this ARPG, with many well thought-out moments offered in both campaigns. As the player, you will have to make some pretty tough choices in a matter of seconds that have kingdom altering impact on the story. This mechanic of split-second decision making was one of the elements really kept the story engaging as I progressed through both campaigns.