The Lost Child

If you have ever played any of the SMT or Shin Megami Tensei games with their heavy focus or biblical and Babylonian lore and apocalyptic themes, then you’ll be right at home with The Lost Child by NIS America as it has many of those same aspects as the SMT series from capturing and evolving monsters to a war between Heaven and Hell with Angels that aren’t necessarily good and Demons that aren’t necessarily bad.

The Lost Child starts you off as occult magazine journalist Hayato Ibuki as he is tasked by his employer, LOST, to investigate the strange instances of suicides that have been happening lately in Shinjuku Station. Amidst his investigation he is pushed by a black shadowy being onto the tracks of the local train transit and within moments of nearly being killed, Hayato is saved be a gorgeous girl named Balucia and is handed a chain linked case that should not be opened. Some time passes and we are then introduced to the angel known as Lua who was tasked aiding the Chosen One who just so happens to be Hayato, in the midst of this they are attacked by a demons known as “Deep One” disguised as hooded individuals. Hayato opens the sealed case and grabs the Gangour, captures them and then learns how to use them. Afterward Lua informs Hayato that she is searching for her missing sister Balucia. Where is Balucia? Why did she disappear? Why is Hayato the Chosen One? This story will have you wanting to learn the truth of these questions and more!

So you may be wondering why I spent so much time to explain the plot of the game; well the reason is because this story is so deeply layered that you have to know what the foundation is because from there the twists and turns that will occur and I strongly IMPLORE you to make note of all the small things you’ll notice as they play a major role later on as the game closes in on its final hours.

Graphically the game is stellar with a very Shonen Anime style look to all the characters that is very reminiscent of SMT and MT with still images of the characters that have moving mouths and blinking eyes when speaking and idle. For many this may be something they’d consider lazy but if you’re unfamiliar with where this games inspiration comes from then I can understand why you would come to that conclusion, however, I would ask that you simply enjoy this experience as it is because it is truly an experience and the characters are so full of life. The voice acting is very spot on for every character in the game from your rough and gruff boss at LOST to the mysterious and very creepy item shop keeper to the lustfully sexy yet naïve angel Lua. The voice actors for this game nail every li