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Miles & Kilo

Miles & Kilo is an action platformer that is a sequel to KiddTrip that released earlier on the Nintendo Switch. If you want an idea of a game that this plays similar to then think of Adventure Island from the NES or even Wonder Boy for the Sega Master System, it offers a very similar side-scrolling experience with a young boy that can throw arcing projectiles for throwing and what not.

Miles & Kilo kicks off with the duo getting caught in a storm while flying over a very haunted-looking island. Then a ghost hits their plane with lightning, landing on a sunny island. the duo is forced to search for the pieces of their plane in the hopes of escaping.

The game’s visual style is a colorful, flawless recreation of the 8-bit era of gaming. Kilo and Miles manage to squeeze a load of personality with their character models being the most animated.

Miles & Kilo plays out like Super Mario Bros 3 with a little bit of Super Mario Bros 2 tossed in although it’s not the same. You run, jump… and that’s platforming. Running and jumping. It plays smooth for the most part, although there is a small slide whenever you stop running that always messed me up. Jumping on the island’s creatures that attack you will kill them, but running into them from the side kills you (enemies are even color-coded so you can get a feel for which ones will go high or low).

At the end of every stage, the game ranks you based on how quickly you beat the level, how many times you died in attempting to beat it, how many coins you collected, and how many fruits you have left in stock. The coins are merely collectibles, but the fruits double as your projectiles. The game rewards you for finishing each stage with your stock full. You are given anything from an S to an A rating

All in all this was a surprisingly fun little game that I think everyone will find some enjoyment out of.

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