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So what happens when you get a rogue-like bullet-hell FPS that focuses on creating a Big Friggin Gun set in outer space with robots and a sense of humor? Well you get MotherGunShip and by golly is this game a doozy both in good ways and bad ways.

So in MotherGunShip, Earth has been invaded by aliens and they have been creating chaos everywhere and only you, a lone soldier, are able to stand up against them. Wait you want more story? You expect this to be a story on par with Doom or Prey or Borderlands? Umm no this game does not at all take its story seriously and I’m fine with that as the game is about crafting and surviving and clearing rooms. I will say this however, the dialogue is HILARIOUS with its one liners and back and forth banter. My favorite part is when you are clearing one level and you have to self destruct the ship and when the MotherGunship asks what you are doing there you’re CO (Commanding Officer) says you’re there to deliver pizza and it’s the Hawaiian style pizza he says because it has pineapple on it….so the MotherGunShip says that you can’t let great pizza go to waste like that so it lets you continue about your way; Hilarity ensued as this was an incredibly funny moment among numerous moments.

So when it comes to missions, they all tend o play out in the same fashion: you start off by selecting a few gun parts and then you end up landing on the alien ship. With the parts that you have you can use them to craft any form of insane contraption that you can think of no matter how big, small, or friggin huge you can imagine! I know in Doom you can get a BFG (Big Fuckin’ Gun/Big Friggin Gun) but in what you can craft in MotherGunShip: I crafted the TRUE BIG FUCKIN GUN and by god did it destroy EVERYTHING in its path! See that’s the beauty of this game, crafting, now normally I don’t care for crafting in a game but in MotherGunShip I was crafting guns like crazy seeing how my next build could outdo my last! The heart of the game truly lies in it’s crafting capabilities and your creativity.

So while I said that the missions all start out the same, well they also end the same with you having to self-destruct one of the mini ships of the MotherGunShip; see that’s the problem with this gme, it becomes very formulaic and downright repetitive especially when I clear a room and I can either move forward or shop, craft, then move forward to the next room to clear until I reach the end and once I do then its lather rinse repeat all over again and what angers me most is I cant keep my BFG on the next mission!

Mothergunship’s bullet-hell trappings throw numerous waves of enemies on screen at any one time to try and destroy you and then there’s the massive bosses with environmental hazards that you’ll have to fight while figuring out the weaknesses. Smaller drones will chase you around a room, making rapid fire weapons a priority, at the risk of dealing less damage against a more powerful foe in the next encounter. Only a few levels in, the game’s intensity hits a perfect balance between. There isn’t any needless exposition and gameplay mechanics as the focus lies not only on surviving the numerous trials ahead, but by prevailing. Mothergunship grabs you by the scruff of your collar, puts massive guns in your hands. Co-op gameplay will be released later on this year as well as leaderboards for more competitive play, in the meantime honestly Mothergunship functions as a truly superb back to basics solo shooting experience that throws a ton of challenges at players and expects results.

All in all, if you’re looking for a damn good time romping it up and destroying mechs and building a Big Fuckin’ Gun then you can’t go wrong with Mothergunship. It’s a true white knuckle experience with some flaws that show themselves in long playthroughs yet ultimately don’t take away from the overall experience.


Review copy provided by Grip Digital S.R.O.

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