Pizza Titan Ultra

Developer: Breakfall Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Release date: Steam Release - April 25th, 2018 PSN Release - Aug 21, 2018

Platforms: PC, PS4


Regular Price: $14.99 USD

So when it comes to video games these days I have to be honest, I’m feeling burnt out with every game that’s coming out taking itself ultra serious and going for the most realistic of graphics and a copy paste formula that everyone seems to be doing in this day and age of gaming. It’s tiring honestly when there’s such a focus on realism and graphics over fun and originality: that’s where Pizza Titan Ultra comes in. Team BreakFall decided to buck the trend of going after a ultra realistic game with state of the art graphics and instead decided to take two amazing things, Mechs and Pizza, and combine them into a a game that’s all about delivering pizza while avoiding baddies in a 10 story tall mech. Seriously how can you go wrong with such a premise? It’s insane and IT WORKS!

Pizza Titan Ultra is a 3rd Person, fast paced, action platformer that has you going around delivering the galaxies greatest pizza on various planets within the confines of a time limit per stage (think Crazy Taxi minus the awesome Bad Religion soundtrack of 3 songs), you’re able to gather ingredients to make better pizza by having more toppings to add during a minigame when you deliver your pizza as well as the ability to perfectly, or rather attempt to, make a perfect pie slice. There are times when you will run into a random straggler wanting a pie and so you get to make and bake and all that jazz.

So you probably want to know about the story, well yea there is a story and its funny but ultimately we’re not here for the story but we are going to go in on the story right now. About 5 years ago there was a robot names Cheezborg that was ruling the fast food scene with an iron fist with horrible food and ultimately got over thrown by Ultra Pizza and he’s none too happy about that. You have a motely crew with you that falls into the archetypes of the leader (Tanya), the cool guy (Zak), the mechanic(Ace), and the new pilot/recruit (You) and you’ll run unto wild and crazy characters inspired by Anime and old 80’s and 90’s pop culture like the Star Wars text scroll, Planet Man (Captain Planet) Bob Ross ummm Ross Roberts and Vegoku (Goku and Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z) and more! It’s all insane and zany and I love it!