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Solbot: Energy Rush

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Solbot Energy Rush from Freakout Games. It’s a charmingly simple game that promotes the use of sustainable energy. You are Solbot, hurtling through space and collecting energy resources and avoiding getting blown up.

You have to collect only the orbs that are the same color as your armor and have golden circles around them. Between the levels, you communicate with your commander via texts which is really simple and cool. Your mission is to collect as many orbs as you can and that way give everyone access to the renewable energy.

You have to collect as many orbs as you can in the time you have, which is not going to be easy especially as you level up. The coolest thing are magnets: Once you collect one, it will attract all the correct orbs that you need and all you’ll have to do is to avoid crashing into the wrong ones. Your Solbot will be in a lot of trouble when the lasers start shooting at him and everything gets hectic in the later levels which only makes this game more exciting to play.

Tapping was a bit problematic for me at times but wasn’t enough to make me dislike the game. I’m talking aabout ads – yes there are some. But given the reality that this is free both on iTunes and Google Play Store then I can’t be too mad about it because the devs have to make some money to support themselves and their game, we all know how this works so that wasn’t disappointing and it didn’t bother me.

Solbot Energy Rush has the potential to be really fun as well as informative. I love the idea, I love the aesthetic, I love the good message. A classic and simple game is a really wonderful and inventive template for incorporating a social message, and that is truly admirable. Freakout Games did an amazing job already and I can’t wait to see what new they’ll be releasing on the indie gaming scene.

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