Victrix Pro AF ANC Headset Universal Review

It’s a rarity to find a quality headset especially a gaming quality headset as you normally get one or two good features and maybe one excellent feature and then you get a laundry list of problems that you’d hope would be fixed in the next iteration and instead you get an additional list of problems with one or more issues addressed. When it comes to gaming headsets you often find out that you’re limited to a few options when you want a high-end gaming headset, and many are for all intents and purposes cheaply made for the premium that they are charging you that may or may not last the duration of a year let alone 6 months and if they go outside of their warranty then good luck. Enter the disruptor of the gaming industry, Victrix Pro with the Pro AF ANC Headset Universal to change the scene.

The Victrix Pro AF ANC has a build unlike any other with a Stainless Steel and Aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy body, Protein enriched leatherette slow return memory foam over-ear ear cups with built in cooling mechanism, active noise canceling, bi-directional noise-cancelling microphone 100hz -10kHz frequency response. and an inline 3.5mm powered and wired controller with up to 20 hours of usage when in use. That’s a mouthful of technical specifications and to bring it down to everyday lingo all that means is this headset is one of if not the absolute best gaming and e-sports ready headsets on the market.

The fit, finish, and feel of the Victrix Pro AF ANC is unlike any other gaming headset on the market as its sleek black stainless steel and aluminum carbon frame with purple highlights are simply eye catching and the fact that its not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. It’s based on and modeled after the same style of headphones that military helicopter pilots use and is made of military grade materials which sets this entirely apart from the typical gaming headset. Typically you’ll buy a gaming headset and it’ll cost you around 40$-300$ and they are made out of cheap plastic however this being made out of the materials that it is you could drop these and like an old Nokia/Kyocera phone from the early 2000’s it’ll still be working without a hitch, durability is engrained into the build of these military grade cans. There are 4 microphones total on the headset itself not including the cobra microphone as there is a microphone on the back of each over ear as well as on inside each earcup.

The headband is incredibly comfortable and sits solidly on your head without giving you the standard clamping compression feeling that nearly every gaming headset gives you after prolonged usage. To make sure that the cans are as comfortable as people claim them to be I decided to wear them for about 8-9 hours on my days off as I edited videos, music and more and not once did I ever feel compression or fatigue on my head or ears and with the cooling mechanism I can pull the lever on either earcup to cool my ears and hear my surroundings. On the slide hinge of the headphones and arm band are etched numbers that allow you to see what your selected setting fr