Gunlord X Review

Initial release date: March 26, 2012

Developer: NG:DEV.TEAM

Composer: Rafael Dyll

Publisher: NG:DEV.TEAM

Platforms: Dreamcast, Neo Geo, Nintendo Switch, PS4

Genres: Shoot 'em up, Platform game

Time to step into the DeLorean and go back to 199X when beat em ups, fighters, and shmups rule the arcades and home consoles and we didn’t need to tell people to “git gud” because people willingly did so and enjoyed games that had challenge, well admittedly , games back then were incredibly short so they used methods such as making them notoriously hard even unfairly hard but no matter what we kept going and the games never held our hands the way games do these days. In 2019 developer NGDEV and EastAsiaSoft came together to release a game on Nintendo Switch and PS4 that brings back that 90’s nostagalia but modernizes it for the current audience with GUNLORD X! Taking many inspirations from the legendary Turrican series, can GunLord X stand on its own and respect the SHMUP genre or will it fall flat? Let’s find out!


The story of Gunlord X is a sequel to the Neo-Geo classic Last Hope in which the evil empore was eradicated by Vanessa Gaiden, wife of this game’s protagonist, and while she was able to escape she wasn’t able to celebrate her victory and went missing in action and in the place of the old empire a new evil rises under the iron reign of a new planet lord named “The Master” that’s able to enslave humans and create beings of steel by absorbing the souls of humans. Our protagonist, Gordian Gaiden, is in search of his wife and is capruted until he breaks free and dons the suit of the Gunlord and is out to destroy the evil Master and find his wife Vanessa.