Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny REview

Initial release date: January 28, 2021

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

Series: Disgaea

Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Genres: Adventure game, Tactical role-playing game

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you cannot improve upon it with some quality-of-life changes which is exactly what you can expect with Disgaea 6. There’s nothing here that is groundbreaking or new which you would find shocking considering that this is the 6th mainline entry in this storied franchise, however, not having anything new isn’t exactly a bad thing when you take into consideration that the game does make the most of adding in several improvements and quality of life enhancements to streamline the gameplay and experience then you’ll see some value in this. The question now is does just adding QoL changes and improvements warrant a full-on purchase of another Disgaea game? Let’s find out!


Starting off in medias res, Zed the zombie is standing amongst a battlefield laden with Prinny about to defeat the Netherworld’s God of Destruction. He is ultimately killed and is reborn into a new world all the while being faced with the same God of Destruction. Zed is blessed (or rather cursed) by Cerberus who utilized a forbidden spell called Super Reincarnation which allows its user to continuously reincarnate until their goal is achieved.

What is Zed’s goal? Well, you’ll just have to keep playing to find out.


If you’re looking for a radically new or different feel to a Disgaea game, then this ain’t it chief as there’s really nothing new here that you haven’t experienced before in earlier entries. What you do have here is some tweaks that make the gameplay that much smoother and more streamlined.

The gameplay of Disgaea 6 is the same as it’s been in all the previous entries with it being a standard SRPG or Strategy Role-Playing Game with the battles taking place on a massive grid. You have to pay attention to what characters you have available in your party along with what skills and abilities and their strentghs and weaknesses in contrast to your opponents on the battlefield.

The lift and throw mechanics have returned allowing you to be able to have extra strategy on the battlefield along with Geo Effects. Repeated usage of skills will allow you to become more proficient and more worthwhile for your characters. Utilization of Geo Effects and combos will allow you to gain bonus prizes at the end of each level. One aspect of the game that is both loved and hated is the ability to attack and kill your allies. Another aspect of the game that has changed is the removal of the Female Warriors and Clerics which kinda sucks.

The Super Reincarnation mechanic that’s introduced in the plot is also a mechanic in the game’s battles, however, it is very much like the reincarnation mechanics found in previous Disgaea games.

As I stated earlier, there isn’t any real changes or additions to the gameplay; just a more refined and streamlined experience and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Visually, Disgaea 6 looks incredible with it’s 2D hand drawn art style, which still impeccably holds up till this day. The characters are incredibly well detailed and designed that make them standout against the isometric backgrounds.

The design of Zed is really gnarly because he has a unique look to him with his ribbon tied around his neck that eventually surges when he gets excited or angry. The environments are all made in 3D which allows the 2D art to pop, yet, there are issues with that because some of the 3D models lack animation and expressions. The gamess’ cutscenes are just as good as they ever were with the visual novel-esque style.

The Wrapup

If you’re looking for a foundationally strong SRPG then you cannot go wrong with Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. The game has a strong narrative, solid controls, incredible humor, lovable characters, and enough brain bending strategy gameplay to keep you going for months if not years. Make sure you pick up this game today!

The Verdict

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