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Disney Illusion Island Review

Mode: Multiplayer video game

Composer: David Housden

Genre: Platform game

Designer: Liam Welton

Developer: Dlala Studios

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Publisher: Disney Interactive

"Review Copy Provided By Dlala Studios"

Remember those golden Sega Genesis days when Disney's "Castle of Illusion" and "World of Illusion" were the crème de la crème of platformers? Well, step aside blue hedgehog, Mickey's back! While "Disney Illusion Island" by Dlala Studios might not be a direct continuation of the Illusion series, it’s evident Mickey's past adventures have sprinkled their magic here.

Our story begins innocuously enough – a picnic invitation on the enchanting Illusion Island. But lo and behold! Mickey and pals are duped by a rabbit-esque figure, Toku, who's in dire need of their help to salvage three vital magical books. The narrative plays out like a delightful Mickey Mouse cartoon episode, complete with animated sequences that scream 'classic Disney'. It's all succinct, entertaining, and gets you right back into the action. Character interactions? Spot on. Donald grumbles, Goofy daydreams of grub, and the entire ensemble feels just right, preventing the platforming experience from becoming monotonous.

Moving on to gameplay: "Illusion Island" adopts a Metroidvania style. The world is interconnected, brimming with hidden gems and paths that will beckon you back once you've leveled up. Sure, the power-ups are standard fare, but it's their integration into the sprawling world design that's commendable. The game's challenge might not reach "Dark Souls" level, but the enjoyment is constant and grows with progression. However, don't expect combat. This is pure platforming delight. Your goal? Unearthing collectibles that are more about the charm than actual gameplay advantages. Hunt for 'Glimts', 'Tokuns', or snap photos of the cleverly concealed 'hidden Mickeys'. It's all about the joy of discovery.

Control-wise, it's a dream. The movement is floaty yet precise, making every leap and bound feel fluid. Yet, there's a caveat. The game might feel too forgiving for seasoned platform enthusiasts. Still, for those seeking a chill escapade sprinkled with occasional "Gawrsh!" exclamations, it's perfect. Co-op? Oh, it's there, and it's collaborative. With up to four players, helping each other out is the name of the game. And trust me, there's nothing more heartwarming than hugging a buddy for an extra heart.

Visually, "Illusion Island" is a treat. Adopting the style from "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse", every scene is a delightful cacophony of Disney's timeless allure. Background details, from singing leaves to quirky sock puppets, amplify the game's enchanting ambiance. The soundtrack, while not iconic, complements the visuals with playful orchestral melodies reminiscent of old Mickey shorts.

In conclusion, "Disney Illusion Island" is a delightful frolic with Mickey and co. Sure, it could have packed more of a punch challenge-wise, but the vibrant world, tight controls, and pure nostalgia make it a must-play. It’s drenched in that unmistakable Disney charm, ranking as a standout platformer on the Switch this year. A hearty recommendation from me: Dive into Illusion Island and let the magic take over!

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