Panzer Paladin Review

Release date: Jul 21, 2020

Designer: Jonathan Lavigne

Genres: Platform Game · Action game

Platforms: Nintendo Switch · Microsoft Windows

ESRB rating: Rating Pending

Developer: Tribute Games

Indie games have been showing that they can put more love and passion into gaming than AAA dev teams do and not only that but also can make games that fully outshine AAA games. From the majestic Shovel Knight, to Hollow Knight, The Mummy DeMastered, Shantae franchise and more; Indie devs are killing it in the gaming scene. Tribute Games is looking to add another classic to their lineup after the stellar Mercenary Kings with Panzer Paladin which looks to meld together it’s inspirations gathered from Mega Man, Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, and ShatterHand in a complete package. Does it live up to that level of hype? Let’s find out!


The story of Panzer Paladin the adventures of an android named Flame and her mech armor companion named GRIT as they travel the planet to rid the world of the evil Ravenous and his legions of demons. Flame is tasked with tracking down the nefarious Weapon Keepers (Weapon Masters for you Mega Man fans) and engage in the ultimate battle between the forces of the occult and the power s of the righteous cutting-edge technology of the Paladin!


The game plays superbly well with its easy to learn pick and play style with minimal button usages required. You have one button for jump, one for attack, one for back dash evasion, one for throwing your equipped weapon, and then 2 buttons for switching between weapons and honestly that’s all you need. While it may seem that this is going to be a simplistic retro styled game with so few buttons used; hidden is the depth of the combat and mechanics of the game. You can attack not only side to side but also while crouching and also directly above as well as directly below both of which can be done while jumping, you can also use the downward attack to pogo off of enemies the same as Shovel Knight does which is incredibly useful if you see a row of enemies or want to get past a tough enemy as well as if done correctly; can be used to cheese some of the games bosses.

GRIT carries a shield so incoming attacks can be blocked with you needing to know whether or not you need to stand or crouch to deflect them and what’s cool is that if you attack at the very instance an enemy is about to strike you then you will parry their attack allowing you to stun them for a few seconds to get in some extra hits and enjoy their stun animation.