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Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3 Review

Initial release date: August 30, 2022

Genres: Role-playing video game, Adventure game

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Publisher: NIS America

"Review Copy Provided By NIS America"

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3 continues the trend of bringing classic games to modern consoles, introducing two well-regarded titles from NIS's collection that are new to Western audiences: La Pucelle: Ragnarok and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Though some players may find their gameplay mechanics outdated, both games still provide an enjoyable tactical RPG experience.

La Pucelle: Ragnarok takes place in a world filled with French puns and culinary references, following the story of siblings Prier and Culotte as they work for the Church of the Holy Maiden to hunt demons and become the next Maiden of Light. The game features a diverse cast of characters, including recruitable monsters. Players can strategically position characters next to demons during combat to "purify" them, increasing the chances of adding them to their party. The game also includes a unique combat system that involves purifying energy sources to damage enemies, restore health, and boost stats. The game has multiple endings that depend on the player's choices, encouraging exploration.

This version of La Pucelle: Ragnarok includes all additional content released for the PSP port, including extra missions, characters, and quality-of-life improvements like quick travel. This definitive version of the game has never been released outside of Japan until now.

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, the other game in NIS Classics Volume 3, is a more lighthearted and whimsical game about a young woman named Cornet and her puppet friend Kururu on a quest to rescue a prince turned to stone by an evil witch. The game has a Disney-like feel and easy gameplay, with a small battlefield where Cornet and her puppets fight monsters. The combat system would be better suited for a turn-based approach, a change that would eventually happen in sequels and the DS port of the game.

While both La Pucelle: Ragnarok and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure have aged in certain respects, they still hold up well and provide a charming experience. The visuals of both games are best experienced in handheld mode on the Switch, but the music and voice acting add a timeless charm to their presentation. Both games require players to wander around towns and talk to every character to progress the story, which can be frustrating. Additionally, some elements of combat, such as elemental affinity and how to use Cornet's horn skill, are left out, assuming players will learn through trial and error.

Overall, Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3 offers accessible and early titles from one of the most productive video game developers in the industry, showcasing ambitious games that pushed the limits of the tactical RPG genre at the time. While some mechanics and visuals may seem outdated, these classic games are still worth experiencing for their timeless charm and historical significance.

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