Super Punch Patrol Review

Initial release date: September 17, 2020

Developer: Hörberg Productions

Publisher: Hörberg Productions

Platform: Nintendo Switch

"Review Copy Provided By Hörberg Productions"

Beat Em Ups have really been making a comeback with so many great entries in the genre from 2018’s Fight ‘N Rage to 2019’s River City Girls to current year where we had the return of 2 long dormant franchises with Streets of Rage 4 and BattleToads. We had a new brawler show up in the phenomenal The TakeOver and now we have a new game called Super Punch Patrol that seems to be a love letter and satire on the classics. Does Super Punch Patrol Live up to the returning genre’s rising success or does it deflate all the momentum and fall on its face? Let’s find out!


This is a by the book brawler meaning you have a jump, punch, kick button layout and the ability to do a crowd control move that drains your health. You can also run left or right to get out of sticky situations as well as double tap up or down to quickly move up or down the screen. When attacking you can mix in your punches and kicks which will end up either knocking your opponent down or launching them into the air. You can also do a rushing attack if you run forward and press kick which will initiate a knock down attack with different properties based on which character you are playing as.

You can pick up weapons from bats to knives to bombs which each do a varying amount of damage and will break after an extended amount of usage.

You can select from 1 of the 3 main characters with Anders Punch, Niles, and Selma. Anders is the strong but slow brute of the trio with Niles being the all-rounder, and Selma being the fastest yet weakest of the 3. Niles is your Cody of this group as he can take a decent amount of damage and dish it out in equal measure along with being able to maneuver in and out of danger fairly well. Niles also has many moves that are taken form Axel in Streets of Rage 2 such as the vault over back slam and his double kick finisher.

Selma is very similar to Niles and even shares his finishing double kick combo (which is pulled straight from Streets of Rage 2’s Axel), she has a rushing uppercut which also seems to be pulled from Axel and is performed in the same manner, and is the quickest when it comes to moving about the environment although she has some short comings of not being able to take as much damage as Niles or Anders and dishes out slightly less damage than Niles.