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The 7th Guest VR (PSVR2) Review

Release Date:10/19/2023

Platform:PS5, Meta Quest, PC

Publisher: Vertigo Games B.V

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

"Review Copy Provided By Vertigo Games"

Alright, strap on your VR headset and let's dive into a blast from the past! Ah, 1991... when "The 7th Guest" first graced our computer screens, pioneering a whole new dimension in interactive storytelling. Fast forward to now, and Vertigo Games is stirring the pot once more. They've resurrected this supernatural murder mystery with today's cutting-edge tech, promising to drag you right into the heart of its enigmatic tales. Now, I've gotta tread lightly here. "The 7th Guest VR" is a linear game, which means giving away too much will ruin the fun. So, I'll tease you with the first puzzle room. Don't sweat it; it's a walk in the park. But from there on, my lips are sealed to keep things spoiler-free.

A standing ovation is due for both Vertigo Games and their trusty sidekick, Arcturus. You see, in the OG "The 7th Guest", you just stared at actors from a fixed perspective. But the VR magic now lets you roam freely, interact, and savor every angle of the show. Yet, that also means capturing actors from every conceivable viewpoint. Enter Arcturus with their game-changing volumetric capture tech. It's a bit like what they did for "The Matrix", only buttery smooth. Oh, and the challenges? Imagine processing tons of data to make these detailed videos play smoothly, even on standalone VR devices. But thanks to Arcturus's innovative compression techniques, these videos are light as feathers. The end result? A performance that feels as real as reality itself.

Here's the gist: Henry Stauf, an eccentric toy mogul, has invited six guests to his mansion, offering them something they each desperately need. Yet, somehow, they all wind up six feet under. Who's the elusive 7th guest? Why are they central to this web of intrigue? Dive in, play detective, and unearth the hidden truths.

Vertigo Games delivers a reimagined character ensemble that's pure gold. Classic characters like Martine Burden and Brian Dutton are back, hamming it up while maintaining that edge of believability. They balance campy and creepy to perfection. Throw in a killer soundtrack, and you've got a sensational VR experience. Think of "The 7th Guest VR" as a chain of escape rooms. As you progress, more rooms unlock, each harboring its own spine-chilling secret. I'm only going to tease the dining room puzzle. Picture this: a grand dining table showcasing an ornate cake topper adorned with cryptic symbols. Your trusty lantern becomes your time-traveling buddy, revealing tidbits from the past or future. Let the mystery-solving begin!

Vertigo Games revamped the puzzles to match VR's immersive nature. While the original had its charm, it couldn't compete with the mind-bending enigmas of today. Depending on your brain's wiring, some puzzles might be a breeze while others could stump you. If you ever find yourself banging your head against a wall, there are always coins lying around the mansion. Hand over a coin, and the game might just toss you a clue.

A tiny hiccup: during my playthrough, I bumped into a few too-eager NPCs. Sometimes, you just want to wrestle with a puzzle in peace without an NPC constantly throwing hints your way. A little option to mute them would've been nice.

Overall, a couple of minor bugs aside, "The 7th Guest VR" is smooth sailing. Motion sickness? Not an issue here, even for someone with a queasy stomach like mine. With a generous runtime of about 7 hours, you're in for a treat. Priced at a mere $29.99, this game offers a bang for your buck. It's a masterful blend of nostalgia and modernity. The intricate narrative keeps you guessing until the very end. If puzzle-solving in a haunted mansion is your jam, or if you just want a fresh way to introduce newbies to VR, "The 7th Guest VR" should be right up your alley. And who knows? Maybe I'll jump back in once I've conveniently forgotten the solutions! Happy sleuthing!


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