The Last of Us Part II Review

Release date: Jun 19, 2020

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Naughty Dog

Genres: Survival horror · Action-adventure game

Designers: Emilia Schatz · Richard Cambier

Platform: PlayStation 4

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(This review does not contain story spoilers for “The Last of Us Part II”)

The Last of Us (released in 2013) is considered by many as the magnum opus of Naughty Dog, far exceeding to many the heights that were achieved the Uncharted series and for a franchise with only one entry; it has become the cinematic benchmark for what gaming as a medium is compared to from a visual, audio, and narrative ways. Gaming as a medium has dramatically changed from a simple pick up and play outlet to being a platform for thought provoking experiences and while The Last of Us isn’t the first to provide that experience; it is one of the most prominent ones to change how we view games as a medium and also provided a narrative that was so legendary that it still holds up perfectly till this day.

Enter The Last of Us Part II 7 Years later

The Last of Us Part II (referred going forward as TLoU2) is a game that for a very long stretch feels like it exceeds the first game and nearly all games released by Sony in the last few years. The games narrative comes off very strong in spots and the character interactions and story flow, and then…….it takes a sharp left detour that honestly derails the entire plot in an incredibly nonsensical way that it leaves you wondering why Naughty Dog decided to do what they did. All that being said and even with what I said earlier; is The Last of Us Part II still worth it? I’ll be honest; this review is going to be very different from any that I’ve previously done and I’m bound to an incredibly strict embargo so I will tread carefully, however, I will not hold my tongue on my opinions of this game. Let’s get into it.