The TakeOver Review

Initial release date: February 2, 2016

Console Release Date: June 3, 2020

Developer: Pelikan13

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Publishers: Pelikan13, DANGEN Entertainment

*Code Provided By Matt McMuscles*

It’s hard to believe that 2020 would be the year of two massive beat em ups with the return of the legendary Streets of Rage series in Streets of Rage 4 which was a MUST OWN and now we have an indie brawler made by YouTuber Matt McMuscles in The TakeOver which is a game that is heavily inspired by Streets of Rage with aspects of Final Fight, Brawl Brothers, and even Double Dragon added in to make a brawler that is looking to not only live up to the games it is inspired by but also to exceed its shadow and make a name for itself as a top tier brawler. With an OST from the legendary Yuzo Kushiro and rising artist Little V Mills and a graphical style that suits a modern brawler, is The TakeOver the definitive brawler of the year and generation or is it a good first attempt that falls short? Let’s find out!


The story of The TakeOver kicks off with one of our 3 heroes Megan coming home to find that the house had been broken into with broken glass and furniture everywhere. Megan ends up calling Ethan (main hero of The TakeOver) and tells him that their daughter Vanessa had been kidnapped with Ethan asking if there was blood of which Megan says no. Megan asks if she should call up their ex-military friend Connor to help out with the search for Vanessa which leads to Ethan saying “Do You even have to Ask?” as Connor is always looking for a fight. The three heroes team up and take to the streets to knuckle up and find Vanessa and uncover what criminal organization is behind all this. Will the succeed? Well that’s up to you.


So immediately upon playing this game you’re going to take this as initially being nothing more than a Streets of Rage clone with an impeccable art style and aesthetic because it…well…honestly plays like Streets of Rage or more accurately Bare Knuckle 3 with some exceptions and additions.

You’re able to not only punch and kick and jump, but also able to run, dodge roll up and down the screen, use crowd control moves that drain your health in both neutral and directed forward, a screen nuke, RAGE mode granting invincibility, with a brand new addition to this style of brawler being the ability to use a gun. Now where the game differs from Bare Knuckle 3 is with the combo system and gunplay.