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Trinity Fusion

Initial release date (Early Access): December 2, 2022

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S

Engine: Unity

Developer: Angry Mob Games

Publisher: Angry Mob Games

Genres: Platform game, Fighting game

"Early Access Copy Provided By Angry Mob Games"

Trinity Fusion, a self-proclaimed "rogue-lite action platformer," which weaves a thrilling sci-fi tale of a collapsing, human-engineered multiverse. Players take control of Maya, available in three distinct versions, each uniquely equipped to navigate the multiverses at breakneck speed to prevent annihilation. What drew me in with Trinity Fusion was how it felt in my hands. From the first moment I picked up the controller and moved my character, I was sold. Angry Mob Games has hit the bullseye with responsiveness, smooth attacks, and stunning enemy animations. This attention to detail ensures that enemy attacks are easily discernible, making damage taken a result of player greed or sluggishness. Already featuring a diverse range of weapons and spells, Trinity Fusion encourages players to experiment with their full arsenal. Your secondary weapon, either melee or ranged, relies on energy gained by dealing damage with your primary weapon. This system urges the use of every available tool in your kit.

Each of the three Maya versions provides a fresh gameplay experience, starting with varying weapons and traversal abilities. Each character's run begins in their respective home biome, designed to offer balanced challenges. Throughout the game, as players gain power, the multiverses begin to merge, generating novel levels as biomes and enemies intermingle, creating a seamless integration of plot and gameplay.

Despite its roguelite nature, Trinity Fusion boasts carefully designed enemy encounters, rather than random spawns. Developers have crafted rules governing enemy spawn patterns, creating strategic tests for players as they assess enemy groupings before engaging in combat. However, I found that diving headfirst into the fray didn't have dire consequences.

The only notable critique for Trinity Fusion lies in its roguelike mechanics, which appear somewhat unbalanced. Traditionally, avoiding damage from regular enemies is crucial in these games, but Trinity Fusion restores full health before each boss fight, diminishing the stakes of pre-boss skirmishes. Nonetheless, this minor concern doesn't detract from the game's solid foundation.

Considering Trinity Fusion is still in early access, with a full release expected in 12-18 months, I am confident that any balancing issues will be addressed. Angry Mob Games has laid a robust groundwork with Trinity Fusion, and I eagerly anticipate its full launch, certain to captivate players worldwide.

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