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Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Review

"Review Unit Provided By Turtle Beach"

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro excels as a top-tier product, showcasing an almost perfect array of features, exceptional sound quality, and unrivaled compatibility. The company has refined its apps and software while preserving customization options. Superhuman hearing provides a competitive advantage, and the combination of active noise cancellation and Bluetooth 5.1 transforms it into an ideal lifestyle headset. With a history of success in the mid-range market, Turtle Beach now delivers a premium headset experience that challenges rivals to elevate their game.


+Remarkable sound quality and extensive customization options

+The most comfortable Turtle Beach headset to date

+Premium, sturdy construction

+Substantial transmitter puck with interchangeable battery charging

+Top-notch on-ear controls outclass competitors

+First dual Bluetooth-wireless headset without interference


-High quality comes with a premium price

After avoiding the high-end premium headset market for some time, Turtle Beach reenters with the Stealth Pro, a headset that reflects the company's growth and dedication to addressing customer feedback. The Stealth Pro sets a new standard as one of the best Xbox and PC gaming headsets currently available.


Compatibility: Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, phones, and Nintendo Switch

Headphones: 50mm "Nanoclear" neodymium

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 22kHz

Active Noise Cancellation: >25dB Noise Reduction @ 100Hz

Microphone: Unidirectional noise cancelling, 100Hz – 8kHz

Features: Simultaneous 2.4Ghz & 5.1 Bluetooth, variable mic monitoring, 15m range

Battery: 12+ hour battery life, hot-swappable battery charge dock

Earcups: Over-ear, leatherette with noise isolating design

Price: $329.99

The Stealth Pro's design incorporates the best aspects of Turtle Beach's previous headsets while adopting positive elements from competing products. The oval cushions create an immersive audio experience, effectively isolating sound even at high volumes. The headset's subtle and understated design could easily pass for everyday headphones, devoid of flashy colors, RGB lights, or cheap plastic accents. It features metal and matte components, genuine-looking leatherette cups, and a comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable build.

The Stealth Pro is not only elegant but also durable, with a steel headband and metal connectors. The flip-to-mute microphone is detachable and of high quality, while the on-ear controls are some of the best in the market. The Audio Hub software is vastly improved, allowing for easy customization of sound profiles and features.

The Stealth Pro offers a phenomenal sound experience, excelling in games with specifically-tuned tactical surround sound. The soundscape delivers impressive detailing, balance, and separation. The headset also performs well for music, with no interference or performance degradation in wireless transmission when connected to both Xbox/PC and Bluetooth 5.1 devices.

The microphone provides a solid, clear communication experience, even in noisy environments. The Audio Hub app allows for customization of the microphone settings and active noise-canceling features, making it an excellent choice for commuting and public use.

The Stealth Pro's primary drawback is its price at $330. However, considering its premium quality, luxurious design, high-quality materials, and expertly tuned sound, the price is arguably justified.

Suitable for those who:
  • Seek the ultimate luxury Xbox/PC gaming headset experience

  • Will frequently use Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and active noise cancellation

Not suitable for those who:
  • Prefer a more budget-friendly option

  • Will rarely use Bluetooth connectivity or active noise-canceling features

  • Require SPDIF optical audio inputs

Ultimately, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro has emerged as a dominant force in the world of gaming headsets, offering an unmatched combination of features, design, and performance. With its luxurious design, exceptional sound quality, and versatile Bluetooth and active noise-canceling capabilities, it stands out among competitors. Although the premium price may deter some, the Stealth Pro provides a truly immersive gaming and daily-use experience for those who value the best in both categories. This top-tier headset is a testament to Turtle Beach's expertise and commitment to delivering the ultimate audio experience.

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