Vigor Nintendo Switch Closed Beta Review

Release date:Apr 09, 2020

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Genre: Action,Multiplayer

Players:up to 12 players


Vigor was originally an Xbox exclusive game that is your standard looter shooter style game with extra emphasis on crafting and survival. I was given the opportunity to be part of the closed beta and after a few days with the game I want to give my impressions on the Closed Beta and feedback.

The game plays well with open environments to explore and find items needed to craft everything from equipment to weapons to forts and more. It’s really a unique concept that brings together the looter shooter aspects with a level of creation found in Minecraft and Fortnite. You have your standard ability to run and gun in 3rd person that controls very similar to PUBG to give you a point of reference as to how it feels and plays like and then craft items as needed.

You have a stash and loadout that you can customize and more. What is cool Is the community aspect of the house you have where you can gain resources and do community donations and get additional consumables, ammo, and more and you can upgrade your house as you go aswell.