Wallachia: Reign of Dracula Review

Developer: Migami Games

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch (Coming Soon)

Publishers: PixelHeart, Storybird Studio

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Retro style indie gaming has been doing so well with so many titles that have come out from Bloodstained to Shovel Knight to Gunvolt and more and now we have another game to look forward to in Wallachia: Reign of Dracula!


The Dragon, Prince Vlad Tepes the Impaler, is roaming Wallachia and hunting down all who are of the Boyar family. Prince Dracula slayed the family of protagonist Elcin and took her brother. Elcin runs into Christian Rosenkreuz and a white wolf named Silviv; Christian implores her to join them as he promises to protect her and make her his apprentice. 6 Years later in the court of Mehmed II in 1462, The king demands the head of Vlad Dracula amidst his court of which Christian and Elcin are apart. The king bemoans of Vlad’s refusal to pay tribute to his brother Radu of which Radu proclaims that Vlad knew what he was doing due to his arrogance and admits that he must be stopped even despite being his own blood.

Elcin argues for the right to go after Vlad to which the king says that she should stay to serve his sexual needs instead which prompts Elcin to fire an arrow at the king pinning his apple to his throne. Impressed by this, the king tells his guards to give Christian and Elcin all the supplies that they will need and tells Radu and Konstantin to aid them in their journey to hunt down the Impaler.